1996 - 1997 CDzine
monthly cdrom magazine was available with the MONITOR PC magazine - Terzopoulos Publications

The CD-zine was pioneer in the field of interactive multimedia. First of all I remember how sleepless nights we had, because all the content (articles, videos, graphics, advertising, programming, test) should be done within a week. The reason: In Greece, there aren’t a CD manufacturing company (in reasonably prices) and we had to send it every month in England (and later in Bulgaria) and then back to Athens for the insertion into the magazine.
Other publications (that include cd’s with just demo games and demo programs) start to copied.
But we had many innovations that again .... was far a head..
- played in Pc and Mac.
- it starts to play without installations on the hard drive.
- We use first the Quicktime VR technology (especially in the first issue the VR movies was playing only in Mac and Windows 98 and not in Windows 95).
- First we had interactive ads.
- Visits to famous exhibitions (Sega World, Mac World, Expo, etc.) 

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